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Exhaustive acquisition due diligence services to minimize risk.

Minimizing Acquisition Risk from Day One

Making any investment can be daunting, but being part of a facility, product or business acquisition presents many potential risks and pitfalls if your case is not handled with the utmost care. That’s where comprehensive acquisition due diligence services and consulting can help. Due diligence typically tries to answer the following questions:

  • What risks are involved with this transaction?
  • What investments might need to be made after the acquisition?
  • How to structure the deal?
  • How much to pay for this transaction?

PharmaBioSource thoroughly investigates the potential investment risks whether it be the physical condition of a facility, the future of a product’s revenue or the financial health of a business you are acquiring.

Identify Risks

Minimize Risks

Ensure A Good Fit

Determine The Best Value

Support Negotiations

Our expert team consists of professionals from all areas of the Life Sciences Industry, giving us a unique advantage when analyzing the risks that are associated with strategic acquisitions and consolidations.

Work With Us


At PharmaBioSource, we take the importance of your investment very seriously. That’s why we work directly with you to dig deep into the target of an acquisition whether it be a manufacturing facility, product or business.

As engineers, scientists and technical professionals with an extensive background in the Life Sciences Industry, we are uniquely qualified to help you be properly and fully prepared for an acquisition or merger though our sound due diligence process.

Using a selection of proven methods and principles, our expert team focuses on four major areas of due diligence:


We’ll help evaluate the physical condition of a facility including engineering assessments of utilities and equipment to identify risks and determine what investments might need to be made after the transaction.


Our finance team works to analyze and uncover all aspects of financial stability of the organization and properly discloses them to our partners.


A deep understanding of site operations allows the professionals at PharmaBioSource to paint an accurate picture of the manufacturing functions in the event of an acquisition.


Let us perform a high-level review of the regulatory history of a manufacturing site to evaluate the Quality environment and compliance record to identify risks and uncover areas that need improvement.

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Whether you’re looking to streamline your business processes, buy or sell a manufacturing facility, or expedite a merger, our expert advisors are here to make it a smooth and favorable experience for you.

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