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Insight into the life sciences transaction market

Gain valuable information on Life Sciences transactions and valuations through benchmarking.

Gain Valuable Business Insights

Every deal is different, but there is a great deal to be learned from historical transactions. Benchmarking previous transactions to know who sold what to who and for how much can be key to understanding the expectations of your planned deal.

Whether it be the acquisition or divestment of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, product or business, knowing the details of similar transactions can be enlightening.  Let our experts provide you with the most powerful and detailed transaction benchmarks in the industry to help guide your business decisions accurately and efficiently.

Seller / Buyer


Transaction Value

Valuation Multiples

Deal Terms and Drivers

With our proprietary knowledge, access to subscription databases and research of publicly available statistics, we have a water cannon of information on Life Sciences transactions.

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At PharmaBioSource, we believe in providing our clients with the best insight into the Life Sciences transaction marketplace.  We utilize our experience and publicly available sources as well as information from subscription and our proprietary databases to provide benchmarks of previous Life Sciences facility, product and business transactions.

Our benchmarking information can be critical in understanding the Life Sciences transaction marketplace and can be used in business cases and Board-level presentations to support decision-making on acquisitions and divestments of pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing facilities, products and businesses. 

Let our consultants and analysts evaluate your project and provide a through benchmarking report that will guide your valuation expectations and likelihood of success.


Transaction Basics

Who was the seller? Who was the buyer? When and where was the transaction. We start with the transaction basics to build our benchmarks.

Transaction Value

What was the transaction value? Was the value based on a multiple of revenue or EBITDA? Was it based on dollars per SF of a facility? This information can help with valuation expectations.

Transaction Details

What were the deal terms and drivers of the transaction? We'll provide specific insight into each deal and how a deal may compare to yours.

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