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As the Life Sciences Industry evolves, pharmaceutical and biotech companies need to adjust their manufacturing and supply chain strategies.  Strategic options could include acquiring capacity, downsizing, outsourcing or identifying alternate suppliers. 

Let our qualified and experienced team of pharmaceutical professionals analyze your strategic options and determine the best solutions to address your capacity planning and supply chain requirements.

Build / Buy / Source

Identify Acquisition Targets

Network Consolidation Consulting

Market Assessments

Business Case Development

Identify Supply Chain Risks

Identify Alternate Suppliers

With the help of our strategic consulting services, you can be confident in your decision making to support investment needs.

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Gain A Competitive Edge With Strategic Planning

At PharmaBioSource, we believe that your organization’s capacity and supply chain must be properly aligned with the core goals of your business to be successful. That’s why we utilize a strategic and collaborative approach to optimize your manufacturing strategy to suit the unique needs of your business.

At PharmaBioSource, we pride ourselves on a wide range of capabilities and extensive experience assisting Life Sciences companies in the improvement of their capacity and supply chain management. In fact, our experts have conducted national and international assessments of small molecule API, bulk biologic, solid dosage, high-potency, antibiotic and parenteral fill/finish facilities.

Build / Buy / Source

Should you insource our outsource the manufacturing of your product? If outsourcing, which are the best contract manufacturers? If insourcing, should you build a new facility or acquire an existing one?

Identify Acquisition Targets

Once the decision is made to acquire an existing manufacturing facility or business, let us develop a database and profiles of potential targets that meet your needs.

Market Assessments

What is the current market for available manufacturing facilities? What facilities are for sale and where are they located? What facilities are not on the market but could be for sale? We can perform a confidential assessment of the market to determine the best targets.

Network Consolidation Consulting

Does your organization have too much capacity? Which facilities are underutilized and might be candidates for divestment? We can assist with your manufacturing site consolidation strategy and decision-making.

Product Portfolio Consulting

Are you looking to grow your portfolio of products or divest a product? Let us help you find products for acquisition or find an acquirer for products that are no longer a fit for your portfolio.

Supply Chain Consulting

Do you need to identify a contract manufacturer for your product? Do you need an alternate or second source of supply? Our analysts can identify and profile reliable contract manufacturers and even contact them on your behalf to qualify their ability to meet your requirements.

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Whether you’re looking to streamline your business processes, buy or sell a manufacturing facility, or expedite a merger, our expert advisors are here to make it a smooth and favorable experience for you.

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