The field of cell and gene therapy brings unparalleled opportunities — and unique challenges. We can help you give groundbreaking new treatments the chance to change millions of lives.

From discovery to transactions, we support biopharmaceutical companies and investment firms in the cell and gene therapy space. We also help private equity investors and venture capital firms navigate this complex and exhilarating life sciences sector, advising on individual assets and companies to assess value or evaluate therapeutic assets and platforms.

Cell and gene therapies offer unprecedented opportunities, with a remarkable range of potential applications in disorders affecting millions of patients worldwide. Targets for cell therapies and gene therapies include cardiovascular, neurologic and ocular disorders, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Our core team draws from our expert network of consultants specializing in cell and gene therapies, with experience spanning:

Cell Therapy Technologies

Engineered T Cell Receptors (TCR) | CAR-T | Natural Killer (NK) Cells | Stem Cell Therapies (iPSC & hMSCs)

Gene Therapy Technologies

Ex Vivo | In Vivo | In Situ Therapeutic Approaches | Delivery Methods including LNPs and Viral Vectors (AAV & LV)

PharmaBioSource provides both CGT companies and investors with the data and expert insight to efficiently and effectively deliver life-changing therapies to patients, from manufacturing capacity to partnerships.

Whether you are a company seeking strategic acquisitions or funding, or an investor considering an investment in the cell and gene therapy space, our team has the unrivaled expertise to meet your challenge. The Cell & Gene Group at PharmaBioSource provides a wide range of services to position CGT businesses for success, including:

  • Sale, Lease and Purchase of Laboratory and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Carve Outs and Divestments
  • Corporate M&A Transactions
  • Investment Diligence
  • Manufacturing Capacity Evaluation
  • Supply Chain Diligence
  • Therapeutic Assets Acquisitions
  • Strategic Partnering
  • Investment