Increasing importance is being placed on Consumer Healthcare, as product sales in non-pharmacy spaces rise. Position your business for success ahead of this significant sector boom.

Attracting global players along with specialized, midsized companies, Consumer Healthcare (OTC) is a lucrative and growing industry. The market is forecast to multiply in the coming years due to a number of factors, such as rising healthcare costs, aging populations and increased public awareness of health and lifestyle diseases, as well as changes in the worldwide business sphere.

PharmaBioSource’s established and extensive expertise in the global life sciences sector has equipped our Consumer Healthcare team with proven methodologies and project approaches to develop innovative, customized solutions for clients across the entire OTC value chain. We work with manufacturers, contract manufacturers and investment firms.

With a proven track-record of success, we provide targeted industry knowledge and first-hand insights and to help consumer healthcare companies and healthcare service investors meet their business challenges, identify commercial opportunities and drive profitable growth.

Our projects in consumer healthcare encompass a wide range of topics, including:

  • Sale, Lease and Purchase of Manufacturing Facilities
  • Carve Outs and Divestments
  • Corporate M&A Transactions
  • Investment Diligence
  • Manufacturing Capacity Evaluation
  • Large Deal Negotiations and Key Account Management