The pharmaceutical industry is looking homeward for a more resilient future. Get ahead of this already-shifting plane, with expert advice on localizing API production or investment

As well as being an increasing matter of importance within government policy, API manufacturers and investors are now realizing the importance of localized API production. As seen in the global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and current geopolitical landscape, major supply chain disruptions are a present threat with potentially devastating consequences.

Representing a significant trend towards onshore production, local API manufacturing sites across a number of markets are receiving greater investment and more opportunities for growth and development.

Although this may require a change in strategy now, together the industry is working toward more robust supply chains — protecting the sector from spikes in demand, manufacturing disruption and improving operational resilience.

PharmaBioSource has extensive experience working with API manufacturers and investors, with a strong track-record advising across:

  • Sale, Lease, Acquisition of Kilo, Pilot Plant and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Carve Outs and Divestments
  • Corporate M&A Transactions
  • Investment Diligence
  • Manufacturing Capacity Evaluation