Factors surrounding the manufacture of life sciences products are now more complex than ever. Consulting experts in this fast-moving field will ensure you make the right decisions now to protect your future.


Pharmaceutical companies and innovators frequently face complex decisions on how to manufacture their product. Whether to make or buy incorporates a myriad of factors, including scientific innovation, changing regulations, supply chain, location and public attitudes.  

We work with clients to analyze and develop a framework to best decide which direction to take to develop a sound strategy for navigating the manufacturing landscape, now and in the future. Examples of projects and services in the area of diligence include:

  • Identifying Elements Impacting the Build vs. Buy Decision
  • Market Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Identifying Outsourcing Opportunities
  • Analysis of Acquisition vs. Greenfield Options
  • Best Practice

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Market & Opportunity Analysis

To transact successfully in today’s life science market, you need a clear view of where the opportunity lies. Our team of industry experts from around the globe provides comprehensive, granular insight and data required to confidently evaluate opportunity and risk. Call us to capture new business across complex ever changing life sciences opportunities.