Real Estate transactions within the life sciences arena come with unique and evolving complexities. Our expertise in this field can protect you against future challenges and ensure continued growth.   

We specialize in sourcing manufacturing facilities and laboratories throughout the United States for life sciences companies. We understand that changing circumstances are the norm when it comes to life sciences real estate, so our licensed brokerage team is here to help you find solutions — no matter how complex or unexpected they may be. We can also partner with international real estate brokers to enhance their life sciences offering for ex-U.S. assignments.  Our services include solutions for:

  • Location Strategy: Optimal location solutions for talent attraction, accessibility, operational efficiency, specialized requirements, incentives and more
  • Buy, Sell or Lease
  • Sale Lease Back
  • Investment in life sciences properties

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The life sciences industry is a dynamic environment, presenting new opportunities and challenges to the companies in it. PharmaBioSource’s consulting solutions are tailored to each client’s needs and unique situation.