Today’s challenges require new approaches. Evaluate your strategy to reflect the changing business climate and position yourself for success.


With an ever-evolving business landscape and shifting world dynamics, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies must be ready to evolve their strategy to meet new demands, regulations or take advantage of cutting-edge technological innovations.

A multitude of factors can determine the best manufacturing options for therapeutic assets, such as increased regulatory rules, therapeutic asset pricing pressure and industry competition. Companies must evaluate whether their products need to be made in-house or outsourced, and rethink standard practices such as low-cost sourcing and just-in-time manufacturing. With today’s supply chain challenges and manufacturing demands, new approaches are required in order to succeed. 

To position your company for growth, efficiency and market resilience, a detailed evaluation and differentiated strategy is vital. We work with biopharmaceutical companies from multinationals to late-stage clinical biotechnology companies to provide comprehensive support, including:

  • Manufacturing & Capacity Evaluation
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Analysis
  • Supply and Demand Analysis
  • Business Case Development
  • Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
  • Identify and Evaluate Alternate Suppliers
  • Provide Buy/Build/Partner Options
  • Therapeutic and Manufacturing Divestment Support

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