Diligence is the backbone of a successful transaction. Within life sciences, the stakes are even higher. Ensuring you are covered from all angles can mean the difference between a life-changing product making it to market, or a pioneering BioTech start up having the chance to thrive.

Whether you are a company seeking funding, an investor considering an investment in the life sciences space or a company evaluating out-source manufacturing, PharmaBioSource has the expertise and experience to support your needs. Examples of our offering in the area of diligence include:

  • Investment in rapidly changing fields such as cell and gene therapy, oncology, biologics and combination devices
  • Supply chain risk for companies, facilities and outsourced manufacturing
  • Assessing technical, process safety and operation performance risk
  • Logistics analysis of complex and multi-national supply chains
  • Evaluation of projected volume requirements for in-sourced and out-sourced manufacturing within existing capacity constraints
  • Risk analysis of product supply due to quality failures in manufacturing or in regulatory compliance
  • Risk assessment of technical transfers when relocating a process from one manufacturing entity to another
  • For licensing deals where revenue is based on a royalty that is calculated from the margin or profit on a product, developing a clear understanding of manufacturing costs and their projections going forward could impact the financials for the licensing deal
  • For companies seeking investment, our mock diligence service can help ensure you are prepared for questions from investors