Jun 2014

Leased Biologics Manufacturing Facility

Protein Sciences Pearl River

PharmaBioSource Realty provided real estate services for Protein Sciences to lease a 78,000 SF biologics drug substance facility in Pearl River, New York from Pfizer.

  • Service: Real Estate
  • Sector: Biotechnology
  • Sub-sector: Biologics Drug Substance / Vaccines
  • Engagement Type: Buy Side

PharmaBioSource Realty provided real estate services to Protein Sciences to identify potential facilities to support its needs for its biologics drug substance capacity for the manufacture of its novel influenza vaccine, Fublock®. PharmaBioSource Realty identified a suitable facility located on Pfizer’s Pearl River, NY campus that was available for lease. The facility housed a 2,000L bioreactor that could Protein Sciences’ Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) production. A multi-year lease was executed for the facility. Some modifications to the facility and equipment were required, but the facility was brought online in just 10 weeks.  This saved Protein Sciences millions of dollars and years on time to market over constructing a new facility.

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