Pharmaceutical-manufacturing, Biotechnology, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceutical Facilities and business opportunities available for sale.


PharmaBioSource SERVICES
Pharma M&A 

PharmaBioSource has the talent, technical and financial skills to help your company buy or sell a pharmaceutical operation or product.

  • Deal structure
  • Value proposition creation
  • Valuations / prep for sale
  • Target identification / marketing
  • Contract documents / close
Project Management 

PharmaBioSource advocates a team approach to the planning and execution of successful projects. We use proven management techniques in order to accomplish the objectives of projects of a significant magnitude.

  • Clear work assignments, deliverables, and target dates
  • Daily direction / supervision of the detailed work involved
  • Periodic assessment and reporting of progress
  • Formal business / systems issue resolution
  • Frequent communication among the project team and additional project participants 
Business Case Development

PharmaBioSource will lead a company through an exploration of its capacity options to the development of a board level presentation with the objective of seeking approval of a chosen option. We will then work with a company in exploring one or several of the options listed below and will proceed to develop a case which supports a chosen option based on an assessment of the data acquired during the exploration phase.

  • Launching a new product
  • Options for acquiring / disposition of a facility
  • Options for acquiring / disposition of an on-going concern
  • Options for partnership
  • Assessing impact of technology
  • Other pharmaceutical consolidation considerations

Benchmarking is often used in the exploration of capacity options and supports the development of the business case.  PharmaBioSource has conducted national and international assessments of bulk biologic, solid dosage, cytotoxic, cephalosporin and parenteral fill / finish facilities. PharmaBioSource has a database of transactions in the US and Europe that may be used to justify a position or confirm an acquisition price.

Acquisition Due Diligence

PharmaBioSource has experience and due diligence methods that serve as guidelines for collecting and organizing information to be submitted for review by an acquiring company.  The methods include protocols and categories that are specific to the pharmaceutical industry and the regulatory agencies.

PharmaBioSource has the disciplines to support various levels of due diligence activities and can build a team specific to a company’s needs.

Capacity Management / Supply Chain Consulting

PharmaBioSource can illuminate opportunities to acquire or shed capacity in an effort to increase supply chain efficiency.

  • Financial performance review
  • Benchmarking / Best-in-class performance
  • Time-to-market strategy
  • Cycle time study